O.T. 981


O.T. 976 is the second art work of Stefan Reiss, where he tries to approximate the famous String theory in a playful, humorous way. The status quo of scientifically proven physical theories is the atomic structure with its elementary particles. Everything in the universe, from people on earth to the most distant stars is build of a number of elementary particles in the atomic nuclei. The String theory claims, that inside those particles strings build the inner structure of the universe. But this theory has not proven yet.

Stefan Reiss takes the theory literally and arranges 39 ropes in a heavy steel frame, folding over each other on the Eenhoornsluis bridge. Aligned to three simple geometric, constructivist elements, the art work builds a semitransparent sculpture, which is meant to be a little part of a never ending shape - imaginary expanding to the universe. This shape is turning into a stunning projection surface for a constantly changing composition of colourful lines, triangles and polygons creating a poetic sensory experience for the whole body. In his work he asks himself simple questions: How can I define space and interspace, surface and volume, presence and absence of light?

Simple geometric forms, like straight lines, triangles or polygons are building the basis of not just O.T. 976, but all of Reiss’ works, which are a constant research into the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and projection. His systematic approach is also reflected in the titles of his artworks. O.T. stands for Ohne Titel, or ‘Untitled’, and 976 refers to the fact that this is Reiss’ 976th artwork.